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Top 10 best places to eat in San Jose

No particular order:


Jackie’s Place – hands down the best Fried chicken I’ve had in the bay area (they’re called Chicken Wings there but trust me those aren’t little old wings)

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Jackie’s Place – 毫无疑问是我在海湾地区吃过的最好的炸鸡(那里被称为鸡翅,但相信我,那些不是小老鸡翅)

BackAYard – Simply exceptional Caribbean food. The goat curry is so freakishly good, and their plantains just crush

BackAYard – 简直就是非凡的加勒比美食。 山羊咖喱非常好吃,而且他们的蕉子就是压扁的

Scratch Cookery – Warning… These chicken sandwiches can be deadly spicy. Personally I go for the 4/7 on spicy scale and that’s my limit. I had the 6 once and it ruined my week lol. Otherwise, these sandwiches are out of this world… Thick chicken portions, delicious slaw and bread, and they have such unique fries… V much love this place

Scratch Cookery – 警告…这些鸡肉三明治可能非常辣。 就我个人而言,我选择辣度为 4/7 的,这就是我的极限。 我有一次 6 次,它毁了我的一周,哈哈。 否则,这些三明治是世界上绝无仅有的……厚厚的鸡肉部分,美味的沙拉和面包,还有如此独特的薯条……我非常喜欢这个地方

Lanzhou Hand Pulled Noodles – They’re in Cupertino and Milpitas so not SJ proper, but good lord their beef noodle soup… If you go to the Cupertino location, you’ll see the homie hand pulling the noodles your about to eat. Just delicious 😋

兰州手拉面 – 他们在库比蒂诺和米尔皮塔斯,所以不是 SJ 特有的,但天哪,他们的牛肉面汤……如果你去库比蒂诺店,你会看到朋友手拉你要吃的面条。 简直好吃😋

Wicked Chicken – personally, my favorite chicken wing joint. Highly recommend the traditional death, sauce on the side wings. Thick, breaded nicely, and the sauce (despite the name) is buttery and flavorful without being too spicy. Would just say, proceed with caution on Thursday nights… No hate to the community at all, but it’s super packed with an eccentric bunch lol

邪恶的鸡 – 就我个人而言,我最喜欢的鸡翅关节。 强烈推荐传统的死亡,侧翼上的酱汁。 厚厚的,面包屑很好,酱汁(尽管有名字)是黄油味的,味道鲜美,但不太辣。 只是想说,周四晚上要小心行事……对社区一点也不讨厌,但里面挤满了一群古怪的人,哈哈

Egghead – this place is relatively new and they absolutely crush the brioche game on their egg sandwiches. They have a sandwich with spam, egg, arugula with a tangy sauce that is just so freakishly tasty

Egghead – 这个地方相对较新,他们绝对碾压鸡蛋三明治上的奶油蛋卷游戏。 他们有一个三明治,里面有午餐肉、鸡蛋、芝麻菜和浓郁的酱汁,味道非常好

Sushi Kan – admittedly landing on my sushi spot was difficult. I really love Mizu (but their prices are pretty rough) and I really love Senro Sushi on Cottle, but Sushi Kan edges out the others with their excellent portions and delicious roll creations. Personally I think they have the best maguro in the city!

Sushi Kan – 诚然,到达我的寿司店很困难。 我真的很喜欢Mizu(但他们的价格相当粗糙),我真的很喜欢Senro Sushi on Cottle,但Sushi Kan凭借其出色的份量和美味的卷创造击败了其他人。 我个人认为他们拥有这座城市最好的金枪鱼!

Petiscos – Portuguese tapas galore. This place is definitely upscale and was established by those who made SJs only recent Michelin star restaurant Adega (which is about to re-open as a second Petiscos location) and a number of menu items are shared. The duck rice is made with duck fat and served on a small cast iron boat so the rice at the bottom gets crunchy. Of all the places I wrote about so far, writing about Petiscos made my mouth water the most

Petiscos – 葡萄牙小吃。 这个地方绝对是高档的,是由最近的米其林星级餐厅 Adega(即将作为第二家 Petiscos 餐厅重新开业)创建 SJ 的人建立的,并且许多菜单项都是共享的。 鸭饭是用鸭油做成的,放在小铸铁船上,所以底部的米饭会变得松脆。 到目前为止,在我写过的所有地方中,写到佩蒂斯科斯最让我流口水

SGD Tofu House – go ahead and give me flack for this one. I’m familiarizing myself with the local Korean spots, and while I do think other places can serve up a tastier bibimbap, I absolutely love the dumpling tofu soup. I embarrass myself there licking the damn stone bowls clean haha

SGD 豆腐屋 – 来吧,为这个给我一记耳光。 我正在熟悉当地的韩国餐厅,虽然我确实认为其他地方可以提供更美味的石锅拌饭,但我绝对喜欢饺子豆腐汤。 我在那里让自己很尴尬,把该死的石碗舔干净了哈哈

Hukilau – Delicious Hawaiian food! The setting is a bit weird I won’t lie. The seating is in the back and the decor/lighting aren’t the most pleasant, but they have a strong cocktail game. Their loco moco is the best in SJ especially if you like spam. I love that they’ll let you get it with sausage fried rice and the Mac salad is just special!

Hukilau – 美味的夏威夷美食! 我不会撒谎,设置有点奇怪。 座位在后面,装饰/灯光不是最令人愉快的,但他们有很强的鸡尾酒游戏。 他们的 loco moco 是 SJ 最好的,尤其是如果你喜欢垃圾邮件。 我喜欢他们会让你搭配香肠炒饭,而且通心粉沙拉很特别!

Honorable mentions:


The Greek Spot – the spicy gyros plate is what you want here


Long Thinh – My favorite pho spot in SJ. Steak and meatball pho has SO MUCH DEPTH of flavor for a simple arrangement of ingredients

Long Thinh – 我在 SJ 最喜欢的河粉店。 牛排和肉丸河粉的味道非常浓郁,配料的简单搭配

Kahoo Ramen – IMO the best Ramen in SJ (another hot take) among a sea of crazy competition right next door. Their spicy miso and pot stickers make them an obvious winner for me

Kahoo Ramen – 在我看来,在隔壁疯狂的竞争海洋中,SJ 最好的拉面(另一个热门拉面)。 他们的辣味噌和锅贴让他们成为我的明显赢家

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